“Did you ever think? If there were no hands, there would be a little of the world around us, as we see it today. Hands are our most valuable implements.”

Cowhide Features

Thanks to vegetable tanning, a traditional process handed down through generations of Tuscan experts, the ‘vacchetta’ cowhide is transformed into a long-lasting material, acquiring unique qualities. Its tannin, the active ingredient that is mostly found in the trunk of chestnut trees, combined with a slight greasing, allows the skin to become soft, resistant and to acquire the typical leathery scent.

Finest Materials

The cowhide is our signature material. Thanks to the characteristics of this leather, when time goes by, the creations of Il Bisonte change in a unique and unrepeatable way, just like people. In our hands, we are not only processing the products, but a trace of the lived experiences as well. "There is no cowhide leather alike, as there is no person like the other".


Il Bisonte style is defined by the constant search for a classic originality, obtained with the treatment of materials and the color combination of skins and fabrics. An essential design that combines the criteria of simplicity and functionality with the greatest relevance given to detail.

Hands & Mind

Leather cutting, splitting, thinning, adding hand-sewn details. Each stage of the process is carried out by expert hands, which are the expression of the best Tuscan handicraft skills. Qualified eyes and hands carefully check each Il Bisonte creation, always referring to an essential high quality standard.

Our craftsmen

Behind the creations, Il Bisonte is the hands and minds of our craftsmen. Some of them are from the initial members of the late 1970’s, others came later. They have different experiences and responsibilities, but the same craftsmanship, passion and strength. Their own histories are also shown on the products of Il Bisonte.

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