Our Story

“I have been conquered by the image of peace and strength conveyed by bisons, that for centuries have been a source of life and continuity for all those people who lived free in the American land. For this reason, they are the symbol I decided to mark all my products with”

The Origins

Wanny Di Filippo

Wanny Di Filippo is the eclectic soul of the brand. Curious, imaginative and open minded. In 1970 he set up his company in a workshop in Palazzo Corsini, at the very heart of Florence. In the city where “Dante and Leonardo walked the same streets and have contributed and influenced the life, history and culture of the human mind”.
Il Bisonte was born from a romantic encounter. Wanny, with his future wife, Nadia, who was a young singer, began to create their first objects made of leather, together. Inspiration came up by the libertarian spirit of the time… It was 1960. For 10 years, sketches of Wanny Di Filippo had their own personality: they were innovative but also primitive. They took shape to create the brand as we know it today. "If I can draw them, then I'll make them."

The art of aging gracefully

Wanny Di Filippo loves to age things. For him, an object with a history can become yours forever. “I am 42 years of real history. I haven’t changed much… just the color of my beard has gone white lately”.


Fast Forwards 45 Years

Thanks to the hands and minds that are parts of our team, over the years the company has grown remarkably. From the original artisanal laboratory in Florence, to a larger modern factory in the countryside. In spite of the expansion, Il Bisonte has maintained its original style and the traditional artisanship that is its trademark.

The connection with art

Il Bisonte has always had a very artistic soul. In 2008, the brand began collaborating with the Museum of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. For the exhibition "Painting Light: the hidden art of the Impressionists," Wanny Di Filippo was asked to contribute. It was an opportunity to creatively inspire more families to visit the museum. This was the first of a series of dedicated creations, which from then on would accompany all of the exhibitions at the Museum.

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