Created in 1976, the Vagabonda bag is Il Bisonte’s third convertible creation
along with the Caramella and Maremmana bags.

It is made of cotton canvas and features a slim adjustable leather shoulder strap, as well as a cowhide leather band at the bottom to fold it up and place it wherever you wish. It is perfect for minimalist travellers.


It is said that true travellers are those who don’t know where they are going, not from necessity but by choice. The journey itself is the true heart of the experience: wandering to conquer new panoramas, carrying only the essential. The Vagabonda bag originates from the need for simplicity, comfort and lightness, so typical of journeys.

Minimalist in both its shape and details, the Vagabonda bag features clean, squared lines, taking inspiration from the triangular shape of Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. This convertible bag is indeed a tribute to the ultimate symbol of harmony and proportion. It can be folded up just like the Caramella bag and unfolded into a roomy duffel bag, without sacrificing style.

The practicality and balanced proportions of the Vagabonda bag evoke a return to the origins, an encouragement to embrace simplicity as a distinguishing feature.

From the sketch to the bag

Each season, Il Bisonte reinvents this iconic bag with new materials and colours. Each version of the Vagabonda bag is a symbol of excellence, embodying the spirit of innovation and freedom, always faithful to its original inspiration of 1976.

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