Created in 1974, the Maremmana bag is one of Il Bisonte’s iconic pieces,
along with the Caramella and the Vagabonda bags.

Made in canvas and featuring a large front pouch pocket and cowhide trims, the bag can turn into a backpack or travel bag by simply adjusting its side straps and shoulder straps which, if necessary, can become supporting straps. A multifunctional, yet essential and really unique bag.


Each day, tireless Tuscan herders—the butteri (cowboys) from the region of Maremma—rode long distances carrying bags filled with food and tools to work with their livestock. An unusual and imaginative creation, yet, at the same time, extremely practical and versatile, the Maremmana bag draws inspiration from the needs of the cowboy world as well as from those of free-spirited travellers.

It is convertible just like the Caramella and the Vagabonda bags, making it perfect for those who go for original practicality, not simply a bag, but a travel companion that can reveal a lot about its wearer. The resistant canvas body, characterised by a thick weave, can expand and meet all needs both in terms of space and strength.

Maremmana can be a bag, a backpack or a travel bag according to your needs—it incorporates our pure passion for materials, shapes, colours, and above all, for the only element that really makes it unique: Simplicity.

From the sketch to the bag

The Maremmana bag has always been present in Il Bisonte’s collections. Available in a selection of materials and colours, summer or autumn hues, either essential or eccentric with gold inserts, this iconic bag never loses its unique charm.

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