Il Bisonte’s collaboration with the most important Florentine exhibition venue dedicated to modern and contemporary art began in 2008 from Wanny Di Filippo’s friendship with then director of Palazzo Strozzi, James Bradburne.

Since then, for every exhibit Il Bisonte creates a "bag of wonders" which helps children and families learn about the artwork on display. Inside there are maps, colored pencils for drawing, magnifying glasses, games and quizzes that make the visit unique and unforgettable.

Produced in limited editions, these art bags are inspired by and designed around the specific theme of each exhibition, and created by Il Bisonte’s extraordinary master crafters.

The entire collection is kept in a historical archive located in Pontassieve (Florence), together with over 3000 bags and accessories spanning the 1970s to today that testify to the brand's inexhaustible capacity for innovation.