Calendula Natural Cream - Accessory in Fabric - OLA024

Handmade in Italy
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Product code: OLA024MZ0001NC101X
Size: 0(W), 0(H), 0(D) cm | inch
Material: Fabric
Calendula Natural Cream - Accessory in Fabric  - OLA024 | Details

Product details

Calendula Natural Cream - Il Bisonte leather is not afraid of the test of time or being used. The older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. In order to enhance its changes and allow it to last even longer, we’ve chosen the best products to care for bags and small leather goods

Calendula Natural Cream - Accessory in Fabric  - OLA024 | Details

Sustainable by tradition

Buy them now and love them forever
Buying a bag or small leather accessory from Il Bisonte means supporting its project on environmental, social and consumer sustainability which has been part of the brand's DNA from the start. Featuring an unmistakable, timeless style, all products are made to last a lifetime, to be repaired when needed, all the while keeping their beauty and uniqueness intact.

Responsibly Produced
Made in Tuscany by the best artisans in the world located within 30 km of Florence, these products are the result of a unique supply chain and the talents of skilled masters who have inherited Tuscany's best manufacturing traditions. To produce them, only the highest quality, responsibly-selected raw materials are used, such as vegetable tanned leather and pure linen and cotton.