Gürtel Modularer in Metall K0265 Farbe Schnalle mit Buchstaben L

Code: K0265..M102_L

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Farbe: Schnalle mit Buchstaben L

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Buckle for Belts G0632. Choose your initial or IL Bisonte logo and pair the G0632 belt color you prefer. The buckles of the Alpha-Belt belts are made of brass by casting at a laboratory in Tuscany. The buckle is burnished to get a darker coloring; finally the craftsman hand brushes the buckle to refine it and protect it with a semi-transparent gloss coating. Casting brass leaves a handcrafted effect, with some minor imperfection that makes each piece unique and precious.

Material: Metall

Farbe: Schnalle mit Buchstaben L

Metal Hardware: Messing

Rindsleder Merkmale
Thanks to vegetable tanning, a traditional process handed down through generations of Tuscan experts, the ‘vacchetta’ cowhide is transformed into a long-lasting material, acquiring unique qualities. Its tannin, the active ingredient that is mostly found in the trunk of chestnut trees, combined with a slight greasing, allows the skin to become soft, resistant and to acquire the typical leathery scent.


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