Created in 1973, the Caramella was the first bag that epitomised Il Bisonte,
along with the Maremmana and the Vagabonda.

This model is convertible, thanks to its side straps, allowing you to considerably increase its volume or fold it up into a slim strip of fabric and leather. Simple and practical, perfect for travelling.


"I am somebody who transforms what I see," explains Wanny Di Filippo. It was precisely this approach that resulted in the Caramella, the iconic convertible bag from Il Bisonte. Innovative, unexpected, creative yet simple, just like the materials it is made of: canvas and cowhide.

An abandoned deckchair on a beach in Versilia, colourful striped canvas, playful but strong. This was the inspiration for the Caramella: knotted ends, adjustable leather straps and a canvas body. A roomy bag, practical and convenient for travelling. In fact, once you've finished using it, the space-saving Caramella is designed to be folded up and put back in your suitcase.

The Caramella embodies instinct and passion, combining these traits with real leather-working craftsmanship.

From the idea to the bag

Still available in today's collections, the Caramella is one of Il Bisonte's most unique designs. Different versions have been seen over the years, but the quality and craftsmanship remain the same as in the original 1973 model.

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