With this new campaign we want to shape the world of Il Bisonte.
A world where the western imaginary, the Tuscan wild, different landscapes and the brand’s iconic bags blend together thus creating a surreal scenario. A sort of daydream where the bags complete the environment. The drawing technique is a key part in this story and it’s our mean to emphasize the connection between the journey of Il Bisonte through the Tuscan land, the bags and the idea behind.




“The backpack born in the plain of Tuscan cowboys. The journey of the bison begins.”
“Fringes on top of the Tuscan hills. The bison explores the teritory by the light of sunset ”
“A bag full of stars. To reflect on Tuscan sea. The bison enjoys the moment”
“The Maremmana bag. To climb any mountain. The bison is ready for a new experience”

Are you in ?