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Each one of our products is the result of an authentically responsible business philosophy. By purchasing one, you subscribe to supporting environmental, social and consumer sustainability which has been part of our dna since our company was founded, and which we translate every day into concrete choices that will create a better future for the planet and its people.

Produced responsibly

We take it upon ourselves to offer you the very best, starting with all of our raw materials which are produced responsibly. Discover Il Bisonte's iconic vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, its new bio-tanned, metal-free, compostable and recyclable leathers, cotton and waterproof nylon. All materials are processed using techniques that are constantly being optimized in order to reduce their environmental impact.

Buy them now, love them forever

Made to last a lifetime while also preserving their beauty and uniqueness, our bags and accessories are proudly immune to seasonal trends and can be cared for, repaired and reused your whole life.

Created by the best artisans in the world

If our products are unique it's also thanks to the experience, talent and love for quality exhibited by the master artisans in our extraordinary short supply chain which is concentrated within a 30-KM radius of Florence.


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